10 Sustainable New Year’s Resolutions

Levi Strauss & Co.
December 30, 2014

It’s nearly New Year’s and around the globe, people are setting ambitious resolutions to make 2015 the best year yet. But instead of going the traditional route, and setting the same old goals, why not make the upcoming year a truly sustainable one?

While resolutions tend to run a tad cliché (eat less, work out more, work better, and so on), 2015 is a great year to start taking serious responsibility for our collective environmental impact. Here at LS&Co., we’re always in favor of doing what’s right for the environment and this year, we resolve to be more sustainable—and we encourage everyone to set planet-friendly goals in their own lives.

From washing less to donating your old clothing to Goodwill, little steps can have a major impact on our community and the planet. Here are 10 easy-to-follow sustainable resolutions to adopt for a brighter, greener 2015:

  1. Wash less. Washing less is a great was to preserve water—and your clothing. By cutting down on the amount of water we use, we can help alleviate unnecessary water waste. Start small; if you’re washing your jeans after every wear, try washing once every week or week and a half—and push yourself to wash only when you really need to.
  2. Wash in cold water. When you do wash, consider washing your clothing in cold water. This small act saves energy that is normally used to heat water. Not to mention, cooler temperatures are actually better for the longevity of your clothing—win win!
  3. Line dry. Next time you go to throw your clothes in the dryer, try a different tactic—why not line dry? Line drying is better for the environment (and your energy bills), as it cuts down on unnecessary energy use. And if you live in a warm-to-cool climate, line drying can make your clothes smell like a fresh, clean breeze.
  4. Repair and/or refresh clothing. This year, when you’re done with your clothing, resolve to repair and/or refresh them before calling it quits. Search for tutorials on how to repair ripped seams, holes, and tears. Or, if the damage is substantial, consider transforming your clothing into entirely new items. From kitchen accessories to shoes, there’s a lot of creative life left in old clothing.
  5. Donate to Goodwill. Instead of tossing your old clothes into the recycling bin, consider donating them to Goodwill. Gifting clothing to Goodwill is a great and easy way to give your old clothes a second life. Bonus: proceeds from Goodwill go toward helping local job seekers become more employable.
  6. Buy quality, long lasting clothing. Of course, we’re biased, but buying quality and long lasting clothing (yes, like Levi’sÒ) is a great way to be more sustainable this year. Instead of following fast fashion trends, consider investing in clothing that is guaranteed to last long after a season.
  7. Buy from companies with social programs in their factories. The average consumer might not think twice about where their products come from, but supporting companies that have robust social programs in their factories is a great way to support sustainable retail practices. LS&Co. is committed to initiatives like the HERProject, which empowers women factory workers around the globe via health and financial education programs and we are committed to ensuring all of our partners agree to our Terms of Engagement.
  8. Spot cleaning. Ketchup on your jeans? Before tossing them in the wash, why not consider a simple spot cleaning solution? Using a sponge or an old toothbrush and a bit of cleaner, you can get most stains out while using a fraction of the amount of water needed to launder the pants.
  9. Cycle to work instead of drive. In 2015, why not resolve to be sustainable and healthy? Cycling to work instead of driving is an excellent way to cut back on personal vehicle emissions and to incorporating a healthy activity into your daily routine. And if you’re wondering what to wear while biking, check out Levi’s Commuter collection, which is made specifically to meet the need of cyclist commuters
  10. Layer up and cozy down. As anyone living in colder climates will tell you, heating bills are expensive—and for good reason; it takes a lot to heat up a room, let alone a whole house. To save energy this winter, consider layering up with your Levi’s jacket instead of turning up the thermostat. The planet—and your wallet—will appreciate it.

Bonus: Clothing swaps. Want to be even more sustainable this year? Try instating regular clothing swaps with your friends. Organize a regular get together to swap clothing you no longer want with your social circles. Chances are, what’s old news to you might be exactly what someone else is looking for, and vice versa.