49ers’ Vernon Davis Wants You to Donate to the Field of Jeans Drive

Levi Strauss & Co.
October 31, 2014

This week, much of our collective sports-related attention has been focused on a certain seven-game series. But now that the champions have earned their place in MLB history (Go Giants!), it’s time to return to our regularly scheduled football habit.

Sunday’s game at Levi’s Stadium is an important one, but perhaps not for the exact reason you might expect. Together with the 49ers, we’re asking Bay Area fans to join us for a Field of Jeans™ clothing drive this weekend. All donations of jeans and other clothing will benefit Goodwill to help create jobs and to reduce textile waste in the Bay Area.

Levi’s® Ambassador and 49ers tight end Vernon Davis is joining the cause. Take a look:

So, if you’re headed to Levi’s Stadium to watch the 49ers beat St. Louis, pack up a bag of old denim and other clothing and drop it off at the entrance gates. If you’re not going to the game, you can still get in on the goodness by dropping your donations at any Bay Area Goodwill location.

All donated jeans collected through Nov. 2 will be part of the Levi’s Field of Jeans™ — an artistic representation of the impact a community can make on both the planet and people when they band together to give back.

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