5 Ways Your Pants can Solve Everyday Annoyances

Levi Strauss & Co.
September 25, 2014

#Bendgate has created a feed-flooding flurry of hilarity in the past 24 hours, but let’s get real. For the on-the-go guy, the possibility of bending electronics is but a slight irritation in a world brimming with potential hassles. Lucky for you, these everyday annoyances are nothing the smartest khakis ever made can’t fix.

Everyday annoyance #1: A “flexible” device.
Pulling that shiny new phablet out of your back pocket only to discover that it’s suddenly acquired some new curves is cause for digital heartbreak.

Solution: Hidden side pocket with zip
Protect that indispensible gadget securely.

Everyday annoyance #2: Commuter woes.
Planes, trains and automobiles — some may think a life on-the-go is all VIP parking and luxury suites, but in reality it’s mostly just a cramped, overcrowded, sweaty ordeal. A guy can dream, but those airline seats aren’t getting bigger any time soon.

Solution: All motion comfort fabric.
Whether you’re sprinting to the gate or stuck on the tarmac, your pants will move with you.

Everyday annoyance #3: Big meeting day.
The mere thought of blowing that high-stakes deal has you breaking out in a cold sweat.

Solution: Moisture-wicking fabric.
Don’t let them see you sweat. Keep your cool and close with confidence.

Everyday annoyance #4: Frequent flier OCD.
You’re a million-mile member and you still compulsively check for that passport every two minutes, don’t you?

Solution: Mesh pockets deep enough to fit that passport comfortably.
That’s one less thing to worry about. Now, if you could just find a way to avoid the pat down.

Everyday annoyance #5: Gridlocked traffic.
Between detours, lane straddlers and tailgaters, being a road warrior can be pretty painful. Going nowhere fast in restrictive pants is pretty much pure torture.

Solution: Comfort waistband.
You may be stuck behind the wheel, but at least you’ll be comfortable enough to let your mind wander and think about the amazing weekend ahead.