#Denimheads: Embrace Your Obsession with 5 Denim-Centric Sites

Levi Strauss & Co.
January 16, 2014

If you freeze your jeans, regularly bathe in your jeans or have an inexplicable affinity for the smell of raw denim, you’re probably a denim-head — and you’re in good company. We’ve been working with the indigo-dyed cotton-twill textile for more than 140 years, and we couldn’t be more thrilled by the fabric of a well-made pair of jeans. (Levi’s®, of course.)

Denim is what we live for.

While there have been scores of articles written about denim-heads, keeping tabs on the latest in denim can be a tall order. In this ongoing Unzipped series, we’ll explore some digital destinations for true denim enthusiasts. And we may be biased, but The Arcuate on Levi.com is always a worthwhile read, particularly to find out the latest at the Levi’s® brand.

Frankly, we consider ourselves pretty savvy about denim — the experts, if you will. After all, Levi Strauss & Co. made the first pair of blue jeans way back in 1873. The patent we received proves it. And, no surprise, LS&Co. Historian Lynn Downey has long been recognized around the world for her denim acumen and historical accuracy. Just the facts, ma’am.

So, while we can’t vouch for the accuracy of every article on every site featured, it’s always fun to see different takes on our favorite raw material. Here are five online denim sites you might want to check out:





1. Rawr Denim: This website boasts a beautiful aesthetic and an inside look at some of the most sought-after denim in the world. Whether you’re seeking a retrospective on a denim brand from the early 20th century, a deeper dive on a future collection or info about where to find the best denim locally, Rawr Denim is a great one-stop shop for denim enthusiasts everywhere.

Best for: How-to tips and guides, raw denim info, ‘Fade Friday’

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2. DenimHunters: DenimHunters’ coverage of denim and the denim lifestyle is thorough enough to keep true denim-heads happy — from exclusive sneak peeks of new collections, articles on sustainability in the industry and comprehensive analyses of the latest news in denim. Plus, the site features truly great and informative denim writing.

Best for: Denim lifestyle pieces, denim deep dives, Denim Wiki

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3. SuperTalkSuperFuture/denim: “Denim addicts. Denim experts.” That’s the mantra of SuperTalkSuperFuture’s denim portal. From new denim releases to exotic denim finds from around the world, this site features great denim coverage. One of our favorite recurring threads is a user-generated competition that tests the durability and strength of users’ favorite jeans.

Best for: Denim Q&A, user-generated denim wear ‘contests’

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4. Denim News/Loomchatter: If you love raw selvedge denim, obscure denim brands and an almost obsessive attention to detail, then you’re in luck: Denim News/Loomchatter is a denim destination to satiate even the most discerning denim-head. The site isn’t updated as often as we’d like, but it certainly ought to be on any denim enthusiast’s radar.

Best for: Big news in denim, book reviews, historical pieces

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5. Denimology: Denim, style and trends all intersect at Denimology, where denim-heads can spot their favorite denim-clad celebrities, get insider information on new releases and find out about the hottest new trends in denim.

Best for: Celebrities in denim, denim trending, fashion week previews

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