Hop On…and Head to Work

Levi Strauss & Co.
May 9, 2013

Today is Bike to Work Day, San Francisco’s biggest bicycle day of the year! It’s a day for bike riders, bike advocates and bike-friendly companies, like Levis Strauss & Co, to celebrate the huge and growing bicycling community in San Francisco.

San Francisco is a great city for biking. With our mild climate, 7×7 square mile geography and huge and growing number of people biking, commuting by bike is one of the best ways to get around. And we hope you join us in pedaling to the office today, and every day.

Bike-friendly companies like Levis are helping make San Francisco an even better place to ride a bike. Incentives like providing free bicycle parking, changing rooms, lockers and showers for bike riding employees welcomes even more people to bicycling, and keeps our city healthier, greener, less congested and more engaged.

For many people, biking to work is a regular routine—like putting on their favorite pair of jeans. For others, today will be their first time pedaling to work. The San Francisco Bicycle Coalition and our partners and volunteers will have Energizer Stations set up all over the city to give information, treats and high-fives to people biking.

One of the Energizer Stations will be on Market and 4th St. – future home of San Francisco’s new Levi’s® store. These stations will be open all day providing that extra boost to get you on your way. Pedal on by and say hi.

In San Francisco, the arguments for bicycling have not changed. It’s green, it’s healthy, it’s fun and it lets you be in charge of your commute and enjoy your city more. So hop on a bike and join us. It can be utilitarian; it can be whimsical.

And if you’re already in the office or if your office is your laptop twelve feet from your bed or if your studio apartment is your office, there is still all kinds of work to do out there. And your bike will always be waiting for you.

See you in the bike lanes!

Images courtesy San Francisco Bicycle Coalition