Hung Out to Dry?

Levi Strauss & Co.
May 17, 2010

How many times have you said to yourself, “There’s gotta be a better way?”

It usually happens when you’re doing something that causes you to break a sweat. So, it may not come to mind when you’re doing your laundry, but … we’re convinced … there’s gotta be a better way … to dry your clothes.

Better, that is, than simply throwing your wet stuff in the dryer and hitting Start.

Why bother thinking about it?

Well, Levi Strauss & Co. research shows that if you change how you wash a pair of jeans – from warm water to cold – and how you dry them – from machine dry to line – you can reduce the climate-change impact of caring for them by more than 50 percent. 50 percent!

I’m a line dryer myself. I just like the way a pair of jeans feels after it’s been, um, hung out to dry. The energy saved – and smaller utility bill – is a nice plus. It’s a no-frills solution in practice around the world, as thisWashington Post article and gallery show.

But … maybe there’s a better way than the old clothesline. And maybe you can think of it.

Starting today, the company is accepting entries for original air-drying solutions from green pioneers and inventors. Enter at

With $10,000 in prizes, a little of your creative ingenuity could pay off – for yourself, your clothes … and the planet.

So, is there a better way?