People are at the center of our success. Whether it’s our employees around the world, the apparel workers who make our clothes, or the people who wear our products, we are committed to doing right by all of them.

Apparel Workers

More than 25 years ago, Levi Strauss & Co. established itself as the industry standard bearer for responsible supply chain practices by introducing a comprehensive code of conduct. Called the Levi Strauss & Co. Terms of Engagement, it set out to protect the basic needs and rights of workers as well as the environment.  Since its implementation, similar codes have become the industry standard and are employed by most apparel companies.

In 2011, Levi Strauss & Co. began piloting the next phase of its commitment to creating a more sustainable supply chain called the Worker Well-being initiative. Through this new approach, the company partners with its suppliers and local organizations to implement programs focused on financial empowerment, health and family well-being, and equality and acceptance.

How It Works

Worker Well-being takes a unique approach to addressing worker needs that starts with listening to workers. Before implementing any program or intervention, LS&Co.’s suppliers start by surveying factory workers to hear first-hand what they need to be more engaged, healthy and productive employees. Once identified, LS&Co. and its suppliers partner with local and national non-profits and NGOs to implement programs to meet the needs of workers.


The Results
Since piloting in 2011, LS&Co. has expanded Worker Well-being to 12 countries impacting nearly 100,000 workers. The initiative has created proven, sustainable business and social benefits at all levels of the supply chain, including a demonstrated 4:1 return on investment for some programs.

•    By 2020, LS&Co. aims to produce 80% of its product volume in Worker Well-being factories, impacting 200,000 workers
•    By 2025, the company aims to implement Worker Well-being with all strategic suppliers, reaching 300,000 workers

LS&Co. is also making its Worker Well-being tools and resources available publicly.


For the past 30+ years, Levi Strauss & Co. has maintained a sustained approach to the HIV/AIDS epidemic that addresses both the health and social factors preventing a definitive response to end the epidemic. We believe that the HIV/AIDS epidemic is more than a medical condition. It’s also a matter of eliminating the stigmatization and discrimination of people living and affected by HIV/AIDS.

For this reason, our corporate response comprises everyone from community partners to supply chain partners to Levi Strauss & Co. employees and their families to the consumers who purchase our products.

Our HIV/AIDS grant partnerships support community organizations in more than 40 countries with a focus on educating apparel workers about HIV/AIDS. Our grants also focus on eradicating discrimination against people living with HIV and providing assistance to those most vulnerable to infection.


We believe that improving access to HIV/AIDS education and services involves creating a supportive workplace. Guided by our Worldwide HIV/AIDS Workplace Policy, the Employee HIV/AIDS Program is a comprehensive offering of HIV/AIDS support for employees and their families in more than 40 countries. The impact of this program has been recognized globally by GBCHealth’s 2009 Richard C. Holbrooke Award for Business Leadership and 2013 Business Action on Health Award.


The Levi Strauss Foundation believes that people affected by HIV/AIDS deserve to be treated with dignity and respect, and must have access to critical HIV/AIDS services. The Levi Strauss Foundation supports policy advocacy, law reform and other efforts to eradicate discrimination against people living with HIV/AIDS and provide assistance to those who are most vulnerable to infection, including the apparel workers who make our products.

Since 1983, Levi Strauss & Co. and the Levi Strauss Foundation have contributed more  $60 million in grants to HIV/AIDS organizations in more than 40 countries.


We believe that “later” too often means “never” in the fight for a socially just world. Through our public policy advocacy, our media and advertising presence, and our work in the community, we aim to influence how people around the world perceive and treat others.

By letting our company voice be heard, we act as a force for change, supporting the movement toward an equitable society for all. We are engaged in the battle for equal rights on many fronts: racial, gender, sexual and economic:

  • Racial equality: We integrated our factories years before desegregation was required by federal law.
  • Marriage equality: We’ve long been committed to marriage equality and the fundamental right for all to marry.
  • Gender equality: The company supports the United Nation’s Women’s Empowerment Principles, which helps guide actions that advance and empower women in the workplace, marketplace, and community. We’ve also partnered with Business for Social Responsibility on the HERproject, which educates apparel factory workers about health and access to health services. This factory-based, peer-education model has proven successful and is being expanded to include financial literacy training through HERfinance.
  • Economic equality: The Levi Strauss Foundation has been a pioneer in the asset building movement, seeking fresh solutions to intergenerational poverty by focusing on public policies and programs that enable low-income working people to accumulate valuable assets. The Levi Strauss Foundation was the first corporate foundation to support a groundbreaking pilot called the American Dream Demonstration — the first large-scale test of matched savings accounts for the working poor devoted to purchasing a home, paying for college or skills training, and starting a small business. The Levi Strauss Foundation continues to fund pioneering asset building programs and advocacy – benefitting low-income people in the United States and apparel workers around the world.

Employee Community Involvement

Giving back is in our jeans. Guided by the tradition of giving instilled by Levi Strauss, we apply our values of empathy, integrity, originality and courage to all of our community engagement efforts. Our goal is to put these values into action in the communities around the world where we have a business presence.


We are particularly proud of our culture of employee giving. Worldwide, our employees have formed scores of Community Involvement Teams (CITs), which bring our company values to life in remarkable ways. These company-sponsored groups partner with local charitable organizations to identify needs, plan activities, and create volunteer and donation opportunities.

To encourage employees to support charitable organizations with their time, talents and money, we offer full-time employees up to five hours per month (60 hours per year) paid time off to volunteer at a charitable organization of their choice. In the United States, the Levi Strauss Foundation matches employee and retiree contributions to qualifying organizations. The Foundation also provides grants to nonprofit organizations where employees volunteer on their own time.


Our global involvement culminates yearly on Community Day in May, when employees around the world take a day away from work to volunteer with local nonprofit organizations.


Follow #LeviGivesBack to see our community engagement efforts in action.

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