Bloggers: Levi’s® Curve ID Fits!

“All asses were not created equal.” That’s the memorable marketing phrase from the folks behind – ahem! – … /

OMG. It’s Curve ID!

Who knew the first internship of my professional career would land me in an OMG moment in the… / / /

“Ready to Work” in Braddock

On any given day, you’ll find me in Braddock, Penn., a small borough in the eastern suburbs of… /

Levi, meet Betty. Betty, Levi.

It’s not every day you hear our founder Levi Strauss mentioned in the same breath with Betty White.… /

Braddock, PA 15104

When you Google “Braddock, Pennsylvania,” the search results feature terms like “distressed municipality,” “boarded-up storefronts,” and “high unemployment.”…

I Got the Music in Me

Music is, arguably, the art form that inspires more people than any other. From babies who start bouncing…