Make Clothes, Give Back. That’s What We Do.

Employees here are known for doing whatever it takes to bring you great jeans, khakis and shirts. They’re… / / / / / /

Typhoon Haiyan: Helping on the Ground, Three Months Later

On November 7, an exceptionally powerful tropical cyclone swept through the central Philippines, taking the lives of more… / / / /

In Our Jeans: Giving Back

There’s something particularly cool about working at a company where your colleagues care — not just about their… / / /

In the Philippines: Doing What We Can

Sheets of plastic. That’s what Evelyn Quisaba asked for. It’s difficult to imagine that something so simple could… / / /

A Vote for Our Community Pioneers

How would you invest $100,000 among pioneering organizations taking on some of the toughest issues of our time?… / / /

Clothes for Kids

A new pair of jeans can make a huge difference to any child, especially one used to hand-me-downs.… / / /

A New Place to Grow

If you’re a city dweller, too often, your only source of fresh vegetables is a supermarket. Or, if… / /

Football + Football

The word “football” means one thing to people in the United States and quite another to folks in,… / / /

Kids Take Over

What happens when children – the sons and daughters of employees – descend on the Levi Strauss &… / /

A Friends & Family Approach to Money

Suppose you’re in need of a small but significant amount of money. Let’s say, a few hundred dollars… / /