A New Place to Grow

If you’re a city dweller, too often, your only source of fresh vegetables is a supermarket. Or, if… / /

Football + Football

The word “football” means one thing to people in the United States and quite another to folks in,… / / /

Kids Take Over

What happens when children – the sons and daughters of employees – descend on the Levi Strauss &… / /

A Friends & Family Approach to Money

Suppose you’re in need of a small but significant amount of money. Let’s say, a few hundred dollars… / /

Empowering Women, One Worker at a Time

I never thought I would dedicate my life to advance the needs of women factory workers. But looking… / /

Why Does Women’s Equality Matter?

In my line of work, I often get the question: “Why does equality for women and girls matter?”… / /

For Youth, From Poverty to Prosperity

After a day of school, Adriana would head over to San Francisco’s AT&T Park, excited to grab her… / /

Supporting People Affected by HIV/AIDS in Brazil

In a recent trip to Sao Paulo, I met Fernanda, a pro-bono lawyer who works with Grupo Incentivo… / /

Dream Starters

Childhood friends Susan Claes and Julie Janssens shared a dream of starting their own business and a passion… /

Of Dragons and Water

Editor’s note: Our recent Community Day efforts focused largely on “creative re-use” – finding new ways to use… /