Monthly Archives: May 2015

Dockers Named a Founding Partner of New York Fashion Week: Men’s

It’s official: The inaugural New York Fashion Week: Men’s will launch July 13-16, 2015, with Dockers® as one… / / /

Introducing Project Jacquard: Google + Levi’s Come Together to Tackle Wearable Technology

What could an iconic jeans maker and a technology juggernaut have in common? Aside from common Bay Area… / / / / /

Throwback Thursday: From Miners to Millennials

In the land of startups, where trends move at hyper speed and last month is so last year,… / / / /

Why Brands Should Reflect Their Values Through Their Products

The following article was originally published on LinkedIn, where LS&Co. leaders periodically share their perspectives and expertise on… / / / / /

Kirsten Chavis: A Modern Day Pioneer Teaching Kids About the Environment

Q&A with Kirsten Chavis, Student and Pollination Project Grant Recipient Like many of the Modern Day Pioneers we’ve… / / / /

NCRP Impact Awards: Recognizing the 2015 Honorees

For more than 35 years, the National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy (NCRP) has promoted philanthropy that serves the… / / / / /

A New Addition: Meet The New Nevada Jeans

LS&Co. historian Tracey Panek is a bit unflappable when it comes to denim-related artifacts. It’s understandable, given that… / / / / /

Singing the Birthday Blues

From the first electronic television to the computer mouse to the iPhone, the Bay Area is responsible for… / /

The Pollination Project and LS&Co. Team Up on Environmental Grants

“I’m always impressed with what young people can do before older people tell them that it is impossible,”… / / /

Armchair Traveler: Step Inside The Renovated Levi’s Berlin Store

Berlin may be most known for its infamous wall, but the city is also home to another must-see… / / / /