Monthly Archives: February 2015

Lessons from a 186-year-old Businessman, Innovator and Philanthropist

The following is an excerpt from an article originally published on LinkedIn, where LS&Co. leaders periodically share their… / / / /

A Birthday Gift of Giving

Last year, we started a birthday tradition. It’s not one of cake and candles and gifts, but of… / / / / /

Inside Philanthropy: The Story Behind the Asset Building Movement

Recently, Inside Philanthropy published a story highlighting former Levi Strauss & Co. board member Bob Friedman’s contributions to… / / /

Students Learn About Levi’s Legacy

The legacy of our founder Levi Strauss is alive and well here at LS&Co., but what about outside… / / /

The 2015 LS&Co. Denim Academy Awards

The buzz surrounding the 87th Annual Academy Awards is reaching a fever pitch, but denim has been making… / / /

Sister Act: Creating Corporate Jobs and Brighter Futures

Growing up, Sister Lilly Fitzpatrick says she was never really that into clothes, however she was definitely a… / / /

Throwback Thursday: Before Women Wore Jeans

Before the world was talking about the importance of giving women the freedom to lean in, have it… / / / /

8 Music Artists Who Live in Levi’s

Music, like a well-worn pair of blue jeans, means something different to everyone. It’s personal, powerful and, like… / / / /

And the Survey Says: You Wash Your Jeans Too Much

When it comes to washing denim, our general philosophy is that less is more. That’s because washing less… / / / /

Who Wore it Best? Denim in the Oval Office

“Chosen well, jeans can suggest the wearer is confident and modern,” wrote Christina Binkley in a 2009 Wall… / / /