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49ers’ Vernon Davis Wants You to Donate to the Field of Jeans Drive

This week, much of our collective sports-related attention has been focused on a certain seven-game series. But now… / / / /

6 Tips for Making Your Jeans Instafamous

We all know that the world of photography has undergone a revolution in the last two decades. First,… / / / / / /

Why We’re Committed to Doing Our Part to Help Protect the World’s Ancient & Endangered Forests

Levi Strauss & Co. has always believed in doing the right thing for the communities where we work… / / / /

How A Worn Pair of Jeans – Poof! – Becomes a Job

You know that Goodwill takes in clothes and other stuff you no longer need. You know that Goodwill… / / / / /

Want to Save Water? Drop A Brick in Your Toilet.

If Greg Hadden’s Levi’s could talk, he thinks they might complain about not being washed very often. Not… / / /

Peter Thum: A Modern Day Pioneer Recycles Guns Into Fine Jewelry

Q&A with Peter Thum, CEO and founder, Liberty United and Fonderie 47 and Ethos Water This is part… / / / / / /

LS&Co. Employees Choose Community Enterprise Solutions in Community Vote

When Levi Strauss & Co. executives and members of the Haas family established the Levi Strauss Foundation more… / / / / /

Throwback Thursday: 5 pivotal rock music movements & the denim that dominated them

Nothing says rock ’n’ roll like a well-loved pair of blue jeans. And the stars who made some… / / / / / / / / /

How We’re Squeezing the Water Out of Our Jeans

Doing the right thing is rarely easy. It means asking tough questions, taking bold risks and making important…

How Your Jeans Can Help Reduce Your Local Landfill’s Waste Size

Out with the old, in with the new. It’s a classic adage often used to justify change in… / / / / /