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Destroying Denim…for Good

Ask Melissa Hook what she does for a living and her short answer is pretty simple: Destroy denim.… / / / / / /

Yosuke Otsubo: From Denim Collector to Levi’s® Aficionado

There are lots of people around the world these days who collect vintage denim. Not so many years… / / / /

#Denimheads: 7 Tumblrs To Satiate Your Denim Cravings

For enthusiasts of all ilk, Tumblr is a treasure trove of discoveries. Whether you have an exuberant affinity… / /

Report from the Ranch: A Captive Audience

So what do you do with two dozen fashion editors that you have corralled at a dude ranch… / / /

Report from the Ranch: The 80th Anniversary of Lady Levi’s® Jeans

Levi Strauss & Co. invented the world’s first blue jeans in 1873. That’s a hard act to follow,… / / / / / / /

Repurposed, Reimagined, Resourceful: The Parachute Trucker

Among the iconic Levi’s® brand products you may have in your closet is the Trucker jacket. It’s a… / / / /

Turf Day

“Watching grass grow” isn’t as boring as you might think. I mean, look at that guy above. He… / / /

15 Facts About the Khaki Pant

How well do you know khakis? For instance: did you know that the pants were a favorite of… / / / / /

Hannah and Her Dockers®

“What do guys think they know about women, but they don’t? Everything.” Now, there’s a great quote as… / / / /

Those Oft-Forgotten Pant Parts

When you step into your favorite jeans, there are a lot of things you might consider. How comfy… / / / /