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Chances Are, a Woman Made Your Clothes

Take a look at your jeans, your sweater or the shirt on your back. The people who made… /

See You on Levi’s® Landing

One of the best parts of being a dad in the San Francisco Bay Area is taking my…

In Our Jeans: Giving Back

There’s something particularly cool about working at a company where your colleagues care — not just about their… / / /

The Musical Trio Behind the Levi’s® Store Soundtrack

Step into almost any retail store and you’ll likely be greeted with music. Its effects can vary —… / /

Why We Love the CEO Water Mandate: Helping Companies Stay Clean

It takes water to make blue jeans. And while that might not be a pressing concern to the… / /

#Denimheads: Embrace Your Obsession with 5 Denim-Centric Sites

If you freeze your jeans, regularly bathe in your jeans or have an inexplicable affinity for the smell… / / / /

Let’s Progress With Less, Together.

Levi Strauss & Co. has been proud to call the great city of San Francisco home since our…

Better Farms, Better Cotton, Better World: Meet a Sustainable Farming Planner

Here at LS&Co., we can get behind any cause that supports better cotton and a better world. That’s… / /

Sourcing Dyneema’s Super Strength: An Interview with LS&Co. Fabric Innovator Neil Bell

Where do you go to find the world’s strongest fabric? The military, of course. That’s where Neil Bell… / /

Deconstructing the Ex-Girlfriend

Editor’s note: After finding out about the new Levi’s® brand jean, the Ex-Girlfriend, we had to hear “the… / / /