In 2009, Levi Strauss & Co. and Goodwill® launched a U.S. partnership — “A Care Tag for Our Planet” — to spread the word that small changes in the way we care for our clothes can help reduce our climate change impact.

The Levi’s® and Dockers® brands now include relevant messaging on all product care tags encouraging us to “Wash less, wash in cold, line dry, and donate when no longer needed.” Our aspiration is to help put a dent in the 68 billion pounds of clothing a year that end up in landfills while reducing consumers’ climate change impact. Our partnership with Goodwill helped spearhead their national “D Movement” to encourage consumers to recycle clothes and goods. As part of this initiative, we also launched a contest — Care to Air — to find a better way to air dry jeans, as well as every other article of clothing that typically ends up in the dryer.